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Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: I step into the club, to rub-a-dub It seems like all the little hoes fall in love With my money, cause yo about a year ago I was just your ordinary average everyday crazy ass bro But you know, I just can't be equal Cause they know, I know a lot of famous people But to a one-night stand, there's no sequel Here's the pickle, pretend it's a popsicle See for a fat booty, I do damage They think I'm a star, so I take advantage It's just another ice cube groupie test She's a hoe cause they knew her at the front desk Told her to meet me, at the room And the bitch showed up, with her boyfriend I let him in, all he could do was grin He had a camera, a t-shirt, a pad and pen He said, "yo ice cube, can you sign this? I see me about ten mark ass motherfuckers fans Knock on the door, talkin about whassup? So I dedicate this one to the groupie And the charlie, all on my snoopy Brothers keep askin, "ice cube yo when will you bust" They surround me and make a big fuss Now I was taught, back on my block That you don't ride on nobody's jock For anything they do, fuck him and his crew Unless, you were gettin paid too! Me and her sat down, he got a little jealous Cause his punk ass sat in the middle of us And he asked me question after question It felt like a motherfuckin interview session Then his girl got up, I heard the do' shut And he was still there, swingin from my nuts I said, "get the fuck out! You gotta check out.


That ass is real, not fake. You can tell a fake ass from a real ass. If you look at her earlier videos, it's the same ass.


Everybody wondering her name: Push play, wait ONE FUCKING SECOND.


Do you have an high definition videos on Jayden Jaymes?

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